Flowers That are Perfect for Wedding

A wedding day is a very important day for a couple since it is a day where you will properly be committed with your lover and vow to each other. Decorations and guests are very important for a wedding since it is what makes marriage more extravagant and flowers also have a very important role in a wedding. Flowers held a symbolic meaning and having flowers at weddings are past down from our ancestors and still exist today, although weddings changed a bit, flowers in weddings still exist. In this article we will talk about flowers, it’s meaning, and why are they perfect for your wedding day and why is it worthy to be on your wedding day.

• A Gardenia Wedding Flower

The gardenia flower is a great addition for your wedding day as it has many meanings and comes from different colors and has a great visual or look on it. This flower means elegance and grace, it is found in Southern Asia and Japan, they are great if you have a summer themed wedding or Southern charm themed wedding day. This flower doesn’t have any stem which makes them great to have for a bridal bouquet and pinned on the hair of your bridesmaids or put in the reception table for visual. So, if you are looking for a flower that is great on different wedding decoration and clothes and a flower that has no stem then this flower is for you.

• Ranunculus Wedding Flower

The ranunculus wedding flower is the type of flower that is perfect for almost every season there is and are great at different wedding decorations with a cheap prize also. This flower is great on flower arrangements and different pairing with flowers and it still looks great, it has a rustic and elegant feel, depending on what look you’re getting. This flower has been associated with myths, they come from different colors like white, red, and pink, if you received dozens of ranunculi it means I’m hypnotized by your beauty. So, if you are looking for a flower that is perfect for your courting then the ranunculus flower is here for you to give to the one that you’re courting.

• Sweat Pea Wedding Flower

The sweet pea wedding flower is the type of flower that is good on its own but also looks good in a flower arrangement like pairing them with calla lilies. This flower has many colors, the flower’s shape is similar to the shape of a butterfly and has been associated with different people in the past like the poet Keats. The flower means blissful pleasure, delicate pleasure, goodbye, adieu, thank you, and departure, it is the flower of April and fun fact this flower can be poisonous if not handled properly. So, if you are looking for a flower that is associated with the Victorian people and has many meanings then this flower is for you to have and to give.